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Autistic Spectrum Disorders


(Non-government, non-profit organization)

Russia, Moscow



Founded in 1991, Our Sunny World is one of the first organizations in Russia that helps children and young adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental challenges rehabilitate and adapt to become healthy members of the society.

In 2016 Igor Shpitsberg, Director of Our Sunny World, was awarded the Naturally Autistic People Awards by the ANCA.


We are sure that every person is absolutely valuable despite individual peculiarities and that the only criteria of 'norm' is the possibility for each individual child to adequately develop within the society.


We strive to give professional help to each child with ASD and their families. Our mission is to aid such children in development, rehabilitation and social adaptation.


We want to help as many children with autism and other developmental challenges, provide such help at no cost and pass on the knowledge that we've collected for over twenty years to as many professionals as possible.


Our Sunny World was founded in 1991 by specialists and parents of children with autism and other developmental challenges. It was the first center in Russia that used hippotherapy in rehabilitation of children with limited abilities.

Starting in 1992, the Center opened a program of rehabilitation and social adaptation for children with ASD and other developmental challenges. The Center's history holds over twenty years of 'selection' of most effective rehabilitation and behavior correction methods.

In 1992, with the help of the Ministry of Social Protection of the Russian Federation, Our Sunny World became the first center in Russia to organize a summer rehabilitation camp for the children with autism (inclusive). To this day, the Center organizes an annual summer camp for children with ASD.

Our Sunny World works according to the Program of Integrated Eco-system Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation of Children and Young Adults with Autism and Developmental Challenges that was first introduced in 1997 at the 9th International FRDI Congress in Denver, Colorado and was released as a brochure in 2002.

In 2011, together with Yulia Erts Naftulieva, who is a certified behavioral analyst (MA, BCBA), the Center created the “Correctional Work with Childrend with Autism Based on Applied Behavioral Analysis Project (theory and practice)”. The project offers education in behavioral analysis with the possibility of receiving the highest degree – BCBA, which is approved by the International Committee ( This program consists of 225 hours and teaches four modules. As of the beginning of 2014, 120 specialists graduated the Program with three graduates successfully passing the international exam and receiving BCBA. Approximately 40 specialists and over 400 parents completed the online version of the program.

In 2013, Our Sunny World became the Primary Partner in action Light it Up Blue in Russia of the international organization Autism Speaks.

In 2013, Our Sunny Word became the only Russian organization to become part of the European association Autism Europe, which unites the leading institutions from 30 European countries and protects the rights of people with autism in the European Union.

In 2013, the UN Secretary-General – Ban Ki-moon – personally thanked the Igor Shpitsberg and rehabilitation center Our Sunny World for its effective help to children with ASD in Russia.

In 2014 Director of Our Sunny World – Igor Shpitsberg was elected as a member of Council of Administration of International organization Autism Europe.


Our Sunny World realizes its Integrated Rehabilitation Program that is based on methodologies developed by the Center's specialists, as well as most effective international methodologies.

The Center's director – Igor Shpitsberg – developed the Method of Correcting Sensor-Based System Developmental Peculiarities in Children with ASD, which allows to substantially restore the deficit of normal perception and greatly improve the process of interaction of a child with autism with the society (patent number 2412727). The Method has been used for over fifteen years and helped many children improve their perception ability, giving them the possibility to participate in a 'healthy' society. The Method is part of the Integrated Rehabilitation Program of the Center.

The process of development, rehabilitation and social adaptation of children and young adults with autistic spectrum disorders and other developmental challenges is active throughout the year and includes:

· individual work with specialists in ABA, TEACCH, Floortime, somatosensory therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, productive activity, art therapy, music therapy, alternative communication methods (computer, iPad, PECS) and others;

· game therapy (individual sessions and folk game groups);

· various theater forms (puppetry, role, shadow);

· traditional craft workshops (ceramics, weaving, timber, fulling) and artistic studios (painting and music);

· riding therapy and riding sport for the handicapped;

· therapeutic massage, adaptive physical therapy and athletics, dance therapy;

· a social project, 'scouting' project and interacting club for young adults with ASD and other developmental challenges;

· mini-projects: preparation to integrate into day care, grade-school preparation;

· projects that help form social skills in children with ASD during group work and others;

· cartoon and film studios;

· special programs that work with parents of children with ASD;

· tutoring programs;

· 'Village' project which teaches independent living skills for adults with ASD and other developmental challenges;

· intensive rehabilitation course at a country integration summer camp.


Our Sunny World continually passes on the experience that its specialists gathered in over twenty years. The Center regularly holds round tables, seminars and trainings for rehabilitation specialists from Moscow and other regions, as well as parents of children with ASD. Our specialists hold scientific research and write methodology materials on developmental problems, rehabilitation and social adaptation.

Since it was founded, the Center Our Sunny World continually cooperates with organizations and institutes that prepare specialists in the field of correctional education and rehabilitation (Moscow Psychology-Educational University, Russian State Social University, Correctional Education Institute, etc.) in Moscow and other Russian cities, as well as in other CIS countries and in the far abroad.

Our Sunny World - a non-profit non-governmental organization. We have the financial support of funds, the state (some projects) and parents.

We want to help as many children with autism and other developmental challenges, provide such help at no cost and pass on the knowledge that we've collected for over twenty years to as many professionals as possible.

Each week, our center is visited by over three hundred children aged one-and-a-half years and older and young adults with autism and other developmental challenges. Here, they are helped by seventy highly qualified specialists and volunteers to adapt to the society. In over twenty years, our specialists have helped change the quality of life of several thousand children and their families. With the help of our Center, many children with ASD are able to attend regular day care, schools (correctional, as well as regular), and have a socially active lifestyle.

Many of our specialists are the parents of children with ASD and other developmental challenges. We also employ several adults with ASD who were earlier our students.


“For the first time since the passing of the UN Resolution commemorating April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day, Russia participated in WAAD activities and Light it Up Blue. A special meeting hosted by advocacy organization, “Our Sunny World”, took place at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in Moscow, during which a photo exhibit featuring individuals with autism and their families in their everyday lives was presented (right). “Our Sunny World”, in collaboration with Ria Novosti (one of the largest news agencies in Russia) and the Minister of Culture in Moscow also selected a number of buildings to go blue on April 2nd.” (GAPH Partner World Autism Awareness Day & Light it Up Blue Activities: 2013 Summary)

As an expert of the Government Council of Guardianship under the Government of Russian Federation, director of Our Sunny World Igor Shpitsberg was able to deliver a letter from the founders of the Autism Speaks Bob and Suzanne Wright to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dr. Olga Golodets asking to support the international campaign “Light it up blue”.

Описание: Мэрия.jpgThe action was supported by the Government of Russia and on the April 2, 2013 Moscow, the capital of Russia had many buildings highlighted including the building of the Moscow CityHall

2014 - Our Sunny World acted as one of the main organizers of the

First Russian Forum of parents of children with autism. (was attended by 250 parents from 35 cities of Russia) A resolution which included all the requirements for public structures of parents of children with autism was adopted at the forum.

2014 - Our Sunny World published a book of Dr. Stephen Shore "beyond the wall" in Russian. Dr. Shore took part in First Russian Forum of parents of children with ASD (Moscow, Russia)

2014 - Our Sunny World the one of initiators of the 1-st Russian National conference on autism

Today, Our Sunny World is one of the most effective rehabilitation centers in Russia and other countries, such as Ukraine, Latvia and Belarus. In fact, we are a 'resource education center' where specialists and parents of children with autism can learn how to effectively work with children with ASD.

Our Center participates in many professional and social councils, including ones associated with the Ministry of Health, Education and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and actively participates in creating the necessary environment for people with autism and their families.

We strive to aid our country in creating such necessary systems/institutions as early diagnostics, early help, inclusiveness, job placement, family help, and positive social environment for people with autism.

Our Director, Igor Shpitsberg, is a member of many governmental and public councils and organizations on questions on autism and plays the leading role in our Center, as well as Russia, in helping solve questions of successful social adaptation of people with ASD.

Our Sunny World is one of the leading ‘guardians’ of the best Russian and international experience in helping children with ASD and their families in Russia. The experience gathered in over thirty years by European and American organizations is extremely important to us, our specialists and Russian parents of children with ASD. Russia is just starting to build institutions to help children and adults with autism and our Center takes the leading role in this process. We are in great need of support of parents and specialists from other countries and we have utmost respect to their experience.

Igor Shpitsberg,

Director of Our Sunny World

and parent of 26 year old a child with autism:

· Member of Council of Administration of International organization Autism Europe.

  • Member of an interdepartmental group on questions of integrated socio-medical and psycho-educational help for people with autistic spectrum disorders, organized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation;

  • Expert of the Council to the Government of the Russian Federation on questions of guardianship in the social sphere;
  • Assistant to the Rector of the Moscow Psychology-Educational University on questions of professional help to the children with autistic spectrum disorders;
  • Senior scientific member of the Inclusive (Integrating) Education Problems Institute of the Moscow Psychology-Educational University;
  • Member of the Coordinating Council on questions of handicapped children and other people with limited vital functions at the Civic Chamber Committee on Social Politics, Working Relations and Quality of Life of the Citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • Member of the Young Invalids Public Council at the Department of Social Protection of Moscow;
  • Member of the RIA News Autism International Expert Council;
  • Board Member of the National Federation of Riding Therapy and Sport Riding for the Handicapped;
  • Editing Council member of the Autism and Development Peculiarities magazine;
  • Since 1991, regular participant of congresses on development and improvement of rehabilitation methods for children with ASD;
  • Author of methodology on correcting peculiarities in sensor-based system development in children with ASD (patent number 2412727);
  • Author of the Eco-system Rehabilitation Concept. Was first introduced as author on the International Rehabilitation Conference in Denver (USA) in 1997. One of the initiators of creating the first in Russia center of riding therapy (1991);
  • Author of the first in Russia special communicative-developing application for children with autism for iPad (2012).

In May of 2013, Secretary-general of the United Nations – Ban Ki-moon – personally thanked Igor Shpitsberg for his devotion to the help to people that suffer from autistic spectrum disorders.

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